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Avatar 4 Nations Tournament

Instructions and controls:
You need to shoot your ball to the opponent's goal.
You cannot catch a ball unless in shootouts.
Win each round by scoring five goals. Win at least two rounds to be able to move on to the next match.
You can move your character using the arrow keys.
In player 2 mode, the second player can move his character using the WASD keys.
Press the dash key to use your offensive skills.
Press the plus key to use your defensive skills.
The player 2 can use his or her offensive skills using the number 2 key and defensive skills using the number 1 key.
In shootouts, the player with the ball can use the space bar to shoot.
Catch a power up that is related to your element to gain energy, you will lose energy if you grab a different power up.
Your energy can be used to do one of your special skills.
Your energy bar will also replenish over time.
The tutorial in the game will teach you about differences among the playing fields and your character's tricks and skills.

Game's Screenshots

Screenshot - Avatar 4 Nations Tournament    Screenshot - Avatar 4 Nations Tournament
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